Monthly Archives: October 2003

Major upgrade catchup

Ok time to point out some of the significant upgrades I have installed recently.

Email: Now Thunderbird 0.3 seems much faster than the previus release and also better than Mozilla 1.4 Also works on windows at 1024×768 resolution so it is my default email client on Windows and Linux.

Browser: Mozilla Firebird 0.7 again big improvements and also my default browser on Windows and Linux.

News Aggregator: Newsmonster has now reached version 1.2.2 and is also now free. Now working well and stable with Mozilla Firebird 0.7 (and java 1.4.2), now that this is free software it means that I am back to 100% free software on my Linux machine (and only 2 pieces are non free in terms of no source – Macromedia Flash and Acrobat Reader).

Office: 1.1 is now installed and what a nice upgrade. I have not had time to play with many of the new features but am looking forward to doing so. That feature list really makes you woinder why people are willing to put up with inferior and non free software packages from certain companies.

Hipparion Trike

The Hipparion Trike is very interesting. A delta trike (2 wheels at the back, 1 at the front), with front wheel drive and lean steering (you tilt the front over using your legs with your arms on fixed handlebars to act as a lever to control your legs.

The claims for this trike are amazing.

The looks are very individual, I quite like it, Jane was not so positive. Very practical indeed for load carrying with a great load platform between the wheels and under the seat.

I would love to have a ride and find out what the performance and handling is like.

Joseph & his technicolour dreamcoat

Tonight was the one and only performance of Joseph & his technicolour dreamcoat at St Pauls Methodist Church Crawley, put on as part of our 50th anniversary. Jane was in the chorus and Andrew had a semi starring role as Benjamin.

Actually it was pretty good, very much a community event. Nice to see sole old friends back for the celebrations which include a special service tomorrow followed by lunch.

Nice to see I had the best looking wife in the chorus ;-) Or am I not supposed to think that ;-)

Well done everyone

Wacky Warehouse

I took our youngest (5 1/2 years old) to a friends birthday party at the Wacky Warehouse in Horley this afternoon. I went on the XXL towing him on the Trets. Nice ride together with him non stop talking at the back ;-)

Pity about the 2 places where the cycle path is completely blocked. First at the underpass into Manor Royal industrial estate. Ironically they have completely blocked the cycle route because they seem to be building a short bit of cycle path to take you around the bollards that you normally go between – strange. Then at Gatwick where you go under South Terminal they have a set of big generators on trailers that are fenced in right accross the entrance to the cycle path to take you on towards Horley.

Anyway it was approx 5.5 miles each way so 22 miles in total for me. As normal he went to sleep on the way home – hard work these parties when you are 5 ;-) He said it was like entering a new world with Pirates!

The good news that since changing to these Schwalbe Amaduro Stelvios on the front I have not yet had a front puncture (nor a rear one but I have generally had far fewer of those) that’s in about 50 miles so not very conclusive yet but a good start.

I have got organised to have lights on the Trets now. A short length of broom handle held on with 2 cable ties plus one through a drilled hole (to stop rotation) goes across the back horizontally withy 2 cateye LED’s. As the cable ties are fastened to the bolts holding the top of the seatbelt it is at quite a good height.

As normal he went to sleep on the way home – hard work these parties when you are 5 ;-) He said it was like entering a new world with Pirates!

Image Replacement

The established technique (Fahrner Image Replacement) of replacing heading text with an image has been tested in Facts and Opinion About Fahrner Image Replacement. There is an interesting discussion on the merits and alternatives.

One option is Image Replacement, also described at Another image replacement technique.

The discussion does point out that none of these solutions work for a user with CSS on and Images off. Also there are concerns about how search engines will treat this.

But interesting all the same.