Monthly Archives: March 2004


In my last post I mentioned a new bike. Someone very kindly uploaded the original web page.

We don’t (yet) have a front fairing or disk wheels and I am in the middle of getting it fully running. Minimum some cable changes – possibly much more with wheels and brakes maybe needing upgrades.

I have only had a short ride on it so far (without working gears) but it looks like it will be all we hoped for and more. Very nice indeed. No idea how old it actually is but the general frame condition is pretty good. We have the seat recovered as per original spec and a very nice shiny tail box (not yet fitted until we are sure we are not going to prang it on the first outing).

Life Update

Amazing that it is so long since I last posted. So before I post anything else a quick update:

Life has been dominated in so many ways by Mum’s death. I guess that will be the case internally for a long time to come, but now I feel able to cope with most public situations. I can feel some energy and enthusiasm returning. But still work is a grind. Supporting Dad is obviously still really important, but also a joy. Again and again he amazes me and makes me proud of him.

It has not been a very easy couple of months in my ministerial training with SEITE, I have had 3 weekends away this term (the one when Mum died and two since). The last 2 have been on Death/Dying and Funerals which was not exactly ideal timing. Although in retrospect helpful (the care and concern of SEITE staff and students has been really wonderful). Last week I lead a seminar on “Liberation Theology and the Local Church” which was extremely challenging but also re-kindled enthusiam for moving onward.

Jane also had a weekend away for spouses which she enjoyed. We had Dad to stay for the weekend to provide transport so that Jane could go in the car.

I was preaching one Sunday morning, went to watch Gail (from the course) preach and write a report on another Sunday and so I think today (yesterday now) was only the 2nd service at St Pauls since Mum died. Good to see people again and lovely to meet some new people.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to Bermondsey Methodist Central Hall to lead a Wesley Guild meeting on forgiveness. Great bunch of people, lovely to spend time with them (good age mix from 1 year, 1 month and 1 day through to a man in his 90′s: I think they said – he did not look it ;-)

Finally (for this post anyway) we have bought another bike! Yes I know. But it is different and not intended for me. I will write separately about it (but just in case you are too impatient it is a 2nd hand Kingcycle – a 2 wheel recumbent).