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DivaBlog: is Executive Blogging enough?

Connected to my earlier post Significant new blog: Jonathan Schwartz’s is a new post from Danese on What’s missing from Sun blogs (or, is Executive Blogging enough)? which looks seriously at taking the Sun blogging from “one-to-many communication” to “conversation”.

In fact I can see this happening already. Take my post: 42: Microsoft losing the API war, in it I referred to some posts on the sunray (Josh Simons and John Clingan). what is cool is that I got a helpful comment back from John (guess who is just being added to my blogroll – although clearly I need to re-organise it again).

To my mind this is exactly what this new policy is allowing/encouraging and the blog technology is supporting. It did get me thinking in new directions, maybe we should look at Solaris on a server and some Sunrays. I have often wanted to be able to move towards thin clients, unfortunately we don’t have a lot of desktops that I could replace this way as they tend to have issues like large format (A0) scanners attached. Plus until our clients go this way it is better to use the same environment as we support them in.

Anyway for me this is all good. You can definately count me as one who feels a lot more positive about Sun than before, and as developer with a significant ongoing commitment to java that goes back to January 98 I am very happy about that.

Significant new blog: Jonathan Schwartz’s

Now this is a big one. It has been exciting seeing the way Sun has opened up to weblogs via Tim Brayongoing � and I have been subscribed for a while to Planet Sun where there has been amazing growth (and enormous + frequent posts from MaryMaryQuiteContrary ;-).

Now though there is a new weblog on the block: Jonathan Schwartz’s Weblog!!! A weblog from the President and Chief Operating Officer of Sun is a huge statement of commitment from Sun to a new way of working. One that is very exciting, especially only a few days after a weblog that sensibly gave reasons why we would not see this: DivaBlog: Why Executive Blogging Is Harder.

Needless to say I am subscribed.

How was your day, Dan?: How Gross

Did not know this How was your day, Dan?: How Gross about re-using plastic water bottles, we have been doing so as the boys are allowed/encouraged to take a bottle of water with them in school and re-fill it as many times as they want and we use the bottles again and again.

Better change out habbits.

Anyone know of more official sites with info on this. I did a quick google and found nothing.

Velorution: City planners ‘neglect walkers’

Velorution: City planners ‘neglect walkers’ is an excellent summary of, comment about and link to this report on the bbc about a review by some danish experts on what London is like for walking in. The excecutive summary is interesting with good photos to illustrate the points. It is available as a pdf.

Yesterday, I took my Birdy foilding bike on the train to Clapham Junction and cycled to nearer Clapham South to see the Solicitor about probate. Much quicker than any alternative and part of the ride was very pleasent through Clapham Common itself, but the bit between the station and the common could not be described as very nice, just quick.