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Looking beyond the culture war

This: connexions � Looking beyond the culture war is absolutely the best thing I have read about the state of the Church in the USA. While some of the specifics vary in the UK the general need for us to "embrace the living tradition of apostolic and catholic faith" is identical.
I love the reference to Karl Barth describing himself as an “ecumenical, evangelical, conservative, radical Christian.”

Top 10 Business Plan Myths of Solo Entrepreneurs

In Top 10 Business Plan Myths of Solo Entrepreneurs Terri Zwierzynski writes that

A recent study of 29,000 business startups noted that 26,000 of them
failed. Of those failures, 67% had no written business plan. Think
that’s a coincidence?

My answer is "No idea, you can’t tell from this."

What % of the business startups that did not fail also did not have a written business plan. Were there other common factors? Who did the research and where is the reference?

Which of the most successful companies in recent years had a written business plan? In my industry arena what about Microsoft or Apple?

Link from: microISV :: a community for independent software developers.