Monthly Archives: December 2005

Denying reality: Weblogs and Christian Peacemaker Teams

Some weblog authors seem to have a slender grip on reality. See SoCalPundit � Remember Those Kidnapped “Peace Activists”?.

Some very naive peace activist came up with this idea: Let’s pretend we
have been kidnapped and then have the “insurgents” who “captured” us
demand the release of all Iraqi prisoners for our lives!

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Call to allow teen pub drinking

This BBC NEWS | Wales | North East Wales | Call to allow teen pub drinking is another crazy idea.

Inspector Roly Schwarz said controlled drinking in pubs would allow teenagers’ alcohol consumption to be monitored.

Pubs do not monitor alcohol consumption, they make their money by selling alcohol.

We need alternatives. One really simple idea is to dramatically cut the cost of non alcoholic drinks (just restrict them to the same markup as thay have on beer). We also need places that kids want to be and where alcohol is not available. That is a bigger challenge and one that a broad range of groups in society should have an interest in responding to.