Monthly Archives: December 2005

connexions on Christmas Scripture

connexions: The purpose of the nativity stories is insightful and helpful (and a rip off from my sermon on Sunday night at Irchester, is it just great minds thinking alike? Sadly Richard is more articulate than I, so read his version rather than investing in time travel to hear what I said).

Also Kim’s comment on the same post is a very important reminder of yet another way in which Scripture demonstrates whose side Jesus is on. Something the Church sometimes needs to be reminded of.

Media Photoshop Retouching

I found this Media Photoshop Retouching interesting. Obviously the skills go way beyond my own. Why are we so attracted to artifical images (and we must be attracted or they would not bother doing this)? There are lots more questions that we should be raising when we see this. Questions about self-image, about our perception of what makes us attractive and desireable, about normality, self-worth etc. It seems clear that the media industry has no interest generally in asking the right questions nor of helping people look for answers.

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