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ongoing: Blasphemy

Now here is a big challenge: ongoing: Blasphemy.

To all the excellent Christians and Jews and Muslims out there: I know you exist. But you’re vanishing from view behind the cloud of mucky dust being raised by your lunatic fringe; as of right now, in the twenty-first century, when someone claims to be deeply religious, that’s grounds for suspicion of bigotry, greed, and a predisposition to homicide.

How can/should we respond?

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Better Bibles Blog: Bad Grammar

Suzanne tears down the Colorado Springs Guidelines in Better Bibles Blog: Bad Grammar. After some detailed arguments, demonstrating the ignorance of grammer and scholarship (and able to demonstrate that even lexicons from 1869 understand gender better than the authors) she concludes with

If Christians want to use Bibles that follow the Colorado Springs
Guidelines, they must be informed that these guidelines have absolutely
no scholarship backing them up. They serve the sole purpose of
"reinforcing the impression of predominance of male orientation in
generic statements." Poythress & Grudem. p. 451. They do not
glorify God.

It is their insistence that in Rev. 3:20,

    Behold, I stand at
    the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will
    come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.

‘he’ must be
used for ‘anyone’ to "suggest the picture of a male as an example" P
& G p. 451, that has spurred me on to express my opinion of these
guidelines. As a true generic "he" did not necessarily offend. However,
in its new form, as a representative generic, implying that woman has
access to Christ vicariously, through a male ‘image’ in her mind, it
does offend.

Yes, well said. It is strange to me that people can take a position that claims to value the Word of God so highly yet at the same time ignores scholarship and basic grammer when translating it.

Current style in web design

Great article Current style in web design. Thanks to Boing Boing: Shared traits of great contemporary web design.

These new sites do up the stakes. IMHO there is a bigger difference now between the ordinary and the wow than we have seen before. Those with really good designers and excellent graphic artists are widening the gap faster than ever. Oh and they tend to be very standards based.

Oh and an interesting trend is the lack of adverts on nearly all the featured sites.