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Warning instability ahead

I am about to spend some time playing with 42. I want to try some of the newer features of typepad. So somethings may look odd or not work for a while.


Well I am not that excited by the look yet, so that will still change.

The category and comment feeds are broken at the moment – I am in the process of moving them to Atom from RSS and also will be publishing them via feedburner. Don’t change your settings yet.

links for 2006-06-27

What do we mean by tolerance?

So there is a response in Warnock’s response to my response (42: Me lambasted for hypocrisy) to the response (Warnock’s women) to my original post (42: When did the practice of ordaining women begin?) which was critical of More Salt in the Episcopalian Wound and The Episcopalian Issue. Meanwhile a comment by Pam (see bottom of this post – why does typepad not give a link for each comment?) has also attracted attention in Was Paul For Slavery?

Hope that is clear :-)

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Islamofascist: a useful label?

Richard has been trying to encourage a more careful use of language. His original post is connexions: Islamofascist: a useful label?. Many of the comments have missed the point so his latest comment is well worth reading as well. Particularly:

But I have lived in a (largely) Muslim community, spent time in
people’s homes, spoken of Jesus in a largely Muslim secondary school
and spent some time with Muslims at prayer in the mosque. And I *know*
that Muslims and Christians can live in peace.

Different time frames

So here am I having just starting preparation for Sunday which will be my first morning service at Great Park Street Methodist Church in Wellingborough. Jane then walks in having been to a Junior Church planning meeting and announces that they have just finished planning the service in detail for the Raunds Junior Church Anniversary which is on October 15th. Are we living on the same planet?

Ten propositions on preaching

Hugely challenging post from Kim Faith and Theology: Ten propositions on preaching.

As someone who does use IT some of the time when preaching (not powerpoint though, I use Impress which is part of OpenOffice which is free software) point 8 is in my mind up for debate.

I do agree that using powerpoint bullets for the points of the sermon is a bad idea. However, at least in my opinion, that is generally a poor use of the technology.

My own understanding of communication theory is that we do not remember a great deal of what we hear. Using more senses helps us "hear" the message, understand the message and remember the message.

So for example when preaching on Genesis 18: 1-15 I might display Rublev’s Icon of the Trinity. I will often display the texts of scripture that I am referring too. I will use pictures as part of my illustrations.

To my way of thinking Kim is using 9 of his propositions on preaching to emphasise its critical importance, therefore appropriate use of technology to improve effectiveness.

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