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Life as a stoker is easy.

Get Cycling 2007: 019
Originally uploaded by Dave 42.

Jane and I had a nice ride together this evening, at least until it started to rain very heavily about 30 minutes after I took this. We ended up riding home through a river, most of the road was deeper than our tyres and some deeper than the wheel rim as well.

This is our tandem recumbent trike, a Trice X2. The best way to travel with your spouse, even if she seems to go into daydream mode some of the time rather than pedalling hard.

TypePad’s New Technorati Tag Feature

This is handy TypePad Hacks: Use TypePad’s New Technorati Tag Feature to Embed Tags in Your Blog Posts Without Editing HTML.

But why, oh why don’t they add this (and the ability to set multiple categories and edit trackbacks) to the quickpost form! Now every post I start in quickpost I need to save as draft and then go into the main edit page, add the tags (and multiple categories, possibly change the trackbacks), set it to publish instead of draft and save again – Aaarggghh!!!

Christian groups urge Blair to back ceasefire calls

Christian groups urge Blair to back ceasefire calls.

"As such, your current policy risks putting civilian lives at continued
risk rather than helping to protect them," the letter says. "The
present policy looks in danger of placing the UK Government in the
uncomfortable position of only calling for a ceasefire once one side in
the conflict has achieved its military objectives."

Hat tip: Turbulent Cleric: Can you hear what I hear?.

The Church of the Girly-Man, Ya!

I don’t get it: JOLLYBLOGGER: The Church of the Girly-Man, Ya!.

It seems to me that there is a thing going on that starts with a goal (attracting American men to Church) and then interprets scripture to support it.

In my own naive way it seems that trying to create a gospel that appeals to a particular group in society is getting things backwards.

Neither the churches that Jollyblogger criticizes, nor some kind of male authority/testosterone based cult sound very like the sort of churches based on the gospel that I find in scripture. Lets get real about Jesus, this is no way to do it.