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And still they don’t get it – Bush and Blair that is.

TC nails it in And still they don’t get it – Bush and Blair that is..

People wonder why the church is dismissed as sanctimonoius hypocrites. Well, let’s be clear when supposedly Christian leaders are too lazy to call for an end to the killing of children, we have our answer. Especially when one of the bloodstained brothers only days ago claimed his opposition to stem cell research was a pro life position. What nauseating hypocrisy! The message of God has been totally relativised by these modern day Pontius Pilate figures.

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Wow. New 24 hour record

"Greg has established a new 24 hour HPV record!!! The official distance travelled was 1046.94 km, shattering the old record of 1021.36 km set in 1995. We celebrated with hugs, high fives, and champagne. A small gathering of local media and residents were also on hand to congratulate Greg." (From an email to the HPV mailing list.

See The Official Tally Sheet! on Flickr – Photo Sharing! lots of other photos there too.

Greg’s weblog not yet updated – no surprise, I guess some sleep may be needed ;-)

Foolish Uncertainty and Doubt

From: Linux Today – Editor’s Note: Foolish Uncertainty and Doubt.

The key to breaking this cycle is the continued education that formats are separate from the software that runs them. The user and IT buyers must be reminded that a format, particularly a standard like ODF is not different than a music CD you buy at the store. If you have a CD player that consistently sounds bad, it’s not the CDs you’re playing, which is what Microsoft wants you to believe. It’s the CD player.

Read and repeat at least twice a day until it sinks in. Open Formats are good for us, they give us freedom. Software is not limited or held back by open formats – only monopolies and lock-in.