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Worlds apart

What a contrast in the posts I was reading this morning.

From Adrian Warnock Sovereign Grace Ministries Announces Upcoming Conference. Compare this to some of the reports on Greenbelt such as A Different Beat and Home (both from Not religion but love via Ian at Youthblog: More Greenbelt) you can see 100′s more reports on Greenbelt via Technorati (by url and by tag). Oh I’ll also point to The best of all: Greenbelt – Friday (whom I met at the Wibsite gathering) and in the secular press: The Public View of Masses of love at cultural festival.

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links for 2006-08-29

Greenbelt 06

We are just back from Greenbelt 06. What is Greenbelt? According to their site it is

Youth festival, music festival, political festival, evangelical
festival, development festival, broke festival, harvest festival…
there’s something in all these myths about Greenbelt that is accurate,
but nothing entirely true.

Jane and I last went 20 years ago and got engaged while there1.

So how did it go?

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Back again

So I am back.

Am I ready to blog? We will just have to see.

Have had a great time during the last few weeks with family, cycling and most recently at Greenbelt 06. More in separate posts. Now refreshed and ready for a new season.