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War links

Tim writes more coherent good stuff  in  ongoing: Unending War.

Turbulent Cleric
is doing a lot on this subject:

Richard is getting lots of comments, a mixture of the sane and not so sane:

At least the Methodist Church is doing the right thing.

links for 2006-08-01

Different types of cyclists

This Pedallingmythoughts: I made it (just) reminds me that there are different types of cyclists. Real ones and us. Jane and I did 12 miles on Sunday, 13 miles yesterday and so we needed a day off today to recover. Both trips were at a gentle civilized pace on our very comfortable recumbent tandem trike. It does not take a very steep hill at all for us to slowly wind out way up at about 5 miles an hour. We also catch up on our sleep a lot more while riding and viewing the countryside. I find taking the camera very helpful too, then we need to stop and have a look around for a photo op at the top of every slope.

I wonder if I should add a mile counter to the bottom of my posts like Ian, just to even things up I would record mine in metres rather than miles.

Flickr! progress

Get Cycling 2007: 007
Originally uploaded by Dave 42.

I now have 181 photos on Flickr. This is the first public one that has attracted a comment (even though it could hardly be described as very exciting).

The one that has been viewed most (11 times) is of the new seat for my Fujin recumbent bike.

New fujin seat
Originally uploaded by Dave 42.

Again not very exciting and I only uploaded it so I could link to it in a complaint. Anyway colour aside, I have now fitted the seat and ridden about 50 miles with it. It certainly fits much better (I did need to shorten the boom a little) which has helped comfort, speed and control.

I even rode the Fujin in London the other week (on a Saturday from Muswell Hill to North Harrow) no worries even if lots of looks and comments.

The Scholarly and Fundamentalist Approaches to the Bible

A good series, worth reading.

Hat tip: Better Bibles Blog: Mode of Communication II which is also worth reading. I love the quote that according to Wayne Grudem our marriage should be characterised as:

mutual submission, often husband as wimp, and wife as usurper,
men become unmasculine, unattractive to women,
women become unfeminine and unattractive to men
ambivalent towards sex
moving contrary to nature

We had to laugh at this. As Suzanne says did Wayne actually ask any egalitarians about this. I for one am very happy to say that after 18 years of marriage I still find Jane highly attractive. I don’t see that we are ambivalent to sex either ;-)