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Violence Against Women—Why is This No Longer News?

The CBE Scroll: Violence Against Women—Why is This No Longer News?

Recently the New York Times columnist Bob Herbert wrote an article in
which he addressed the Amish shooting as an attack based on gender, as
opposed to random violence. Herbert argues that the media glossed over
the obvious separation of gender in the last several shootings because
we have become desensitized to violence against women.

Until we view both women and men as intrinsically worthy and able, our
culture will continue to foster a view of women as objects of pleasure
and men as sexual animals. The Christian community is in no way
isolated from this erroneous conceptualization of women. Books like Captivating are so destructive for exactly this reason—they teach young girls that their beauty
is what is ravishing, and not any other aspect of the self. As
Christians, we need to heal the broken relationship between women and
men by redeeming the personhood of each. Women and men can relate to
each in holistic ways that affirm God-given giftedness and worth.
Hierarchy based on gender, race, class, or ethnicity will always view
one party as unequal in worth.

Oh wow. This is so true and so right. Although a minor edit would be to explicitly recognise that in this sentence "As
Christians, we need to heal the broken relationship between women and
men by redeeming the personhood of each." it is not us doing the active work. Redemption is God’s work, we need to accept what he has and is doing not imagine that we can do it ourselves. I am sure that sort of understanding is implicit in what Marissa writes, but I like to make this a little more explicit less we start thinking we can save ourselves.

What do you like doing at midnight?

For me going outside and changing a wheel on the car is not high on the list.

Sadly we got home from Band practice to find a flat tyre. So by the time I had unpacked, done a few other jobs, had something to eat, run out of ways to put off the task it was just about midnight.

Tomorrow (well today now) I start with a prayer meeting at 8am followed by breakfast and then a leadership team meeting and an afternoon of report writing and service preparation. So this had to be done tonight so Jane can see if she can get it fixed tomorrow.

Still at least I got a fair bit of riding done this evening. Took my fixie in the car to Northampton and then had 100 minutes of riding and 45 minutes eating and doing the shopping. No idea how far because I took the speedo off for security when in Sainsbury’s and forgot to take it out of the pannier before putting all the shopping on top.