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What I Learned from Tommy

What I Learned from Tommy: Ethics! is well worth reading. It includes:

With tears in his eyes he said yes. I asked him if he wanted to be a heterosexual. "Dear God Almighty, yes," he burst out before emotionally breaking down. Tommy, I felt, was well on the road to healing and salvation.

I agreed to be his spiritual partner in the struggle. We covenanted to pray together. We fasted. We cast out the demon of homosexuality.

If anyone ever truly wanted to be a heterosexual, if anyone ever truly wanted to stop finding men attractive, if anyone ever truly humbled himself before God to faithfully live a Christian life, it was Tommy.

Years went by, and you know what? Tommy was still gay. Tommy did not change, but I did.

In a very real sense, Tommy taught me something important about God: either God lacked the power to save a willing believer from his sin, or maybe–just maybe–I have been taught to read the Bible through the eyes of homophobics, regardless of how loving they appeared.

Hat tip: Straight, Not Narrow: Someone Who Didn’t Stop Learning.

Oh and beyond the obvious content I love the reminder that when we pray the answer may well be that we are changed rather than other people or situations.

Campaign against London lights waste

See these three (whom I agree with):

Like Dave and Maggi I am just going to go to the Oxford Street contact us page and complain about the irony of bringing the date forward at the same time as the latest & greatest report on global warming.

Diamond Geezer points out the date changes in a comment on Dave’s blog:

Here are the Oxford Street switch-on dates for the last five years:
• Friday 15th November 2002
• Wednesday 12th November 2003
• Monday 15th November 2004
• Tuesday 15th November 2005
• Thursday 9th November 2006

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