Monthly Archives: January 2007

Accessibility in Bible translation

Good post by Wayne in Better Bibles Blog: Accessibility in Bible translation includes:

I suggest that many churchgoers like myself would similarly experience
a deeper, richer, fuller understanding of the Bible the more they used
versions which were written in the same kind of language which the
original biblical texts were written in.

I think there is a significant danger of using what Wayne describes as "church language (translationese, Biblish)" and I can see many people (and would have included myself among them more so in the past) who are in Church and know the "right" words but when pressed would not be able to explain what they mean. This is worrying and dangerous for their own lives, let alone for their attempts to explain what they believe to others.

I don’t propose dropping all words from our liturgy that are not fully obvious to those not in the know, but I do think we need a good combination of clarity, mystery, explanation and exploration. It seems to me that so often we use "holy" words thinking we are being clear and understood when in fact we are not, yet at the same time we are not provoking either a sense of mystery or exploration instead a sense of smugness and clique building of those who think they know what they mean and excluding those who are are not in the know.

Moving 42 onwards

At the start of another calendar year (by the way: Happy New Year everyone) I have decided to make a few adjustments to the way that 42 works.

Some of these are simply acknowledging what is already happening and others are new directions. Some will take effect immediately and others will take time to filter through.

None are particularly radical and they should not radically change the nature of 42 from what it has already become.

Firstly, I want to recognise that the content on 42 has changed considerably since it started back in August 2003. There now a far greater focus on Christianity and on Cycling with all the IT technical areas in significant decline. I’ll probably write a "state of the category" post for each existing category outlining the future of that category within 42.

Secondly, I am going to do a split. Initially I am having a separate cycling blog called Cycle Life at I will have more cycling content on there than I have had on 42 recently and it will have a slightly wider focus. Not just recumbents or fixies but also news and wider implications of cycling (environment, health etc).

Thirdly (eventually) there will be a design update to recognise the lack of recent content in some categories (Java, Python etc) and hence the overall change in focus that has already taken place.

Fourthly, I may move 42 (complete with all existing content) over to WordPress (or possibly another weblog application) running on my TextDrive hosted server. I am just upgrading my Lifetime hosting there for an awesome price and will have enough capacity to run 100′s of blogs like 42 (oh and also close my other hosting accounts).

That’ll do for now (but don’t forget to go a subscribe to Cycle Life to catch all the good stuff about to come there).