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Three Go Sideways

Dave, son of one of the families at Ringstead Shared Church is on the adventure of a lifetime with Team Latitude. They have a blog at Three Go Sideways.

Dave, Pete and Spike are driving a LandRover all the way around the world staying as close to the 50th parallel as they can.

As Dave was an important member of the Church community before moving away we now have a noticeboard at the chapel dedicated to showing their progress (last update yesterday in Kiev).

Loss of anonymity

This morning was spent with Ministers from all over the best district in the Methodist Church in the UK (aka "The Northampton District") meeting Martyn Atkins, President of the Methodist Church in Great Britain and our future General Secretary.

I’ll be blogging more about the event separately, but first something that was deeply troubling.

In the question and answer session, I asked a question (no that is not the deeply troubling bit). As is common at these sorts of things you start with your name and where you are from before asking the question.

The problem is that when I said "Dave Warnock, Nene Valley Circuit", Martyn said "Ah our blogger —-", I did not quite catch what the last word (signified by "—") was – I hope it was a nice. But it has got me worried and I was thinking about this during my afternoon drive to and from Cambridge.

Am I only known around the Methodist Connexion for being a blogger? I confess that would not be my first choice. It would be so much cooler to be known for say my discipleship, or my spirituality, or the quality of my theology or anything worthwhile really.

On the other hand I suppose it could be worse. Martyn could have said "Ah the Church closer" or even "Oh no".

Still it does seem a potentially worrying loss of anonymity that the President of Conference and future General Secretary has a label for me. Where will it get used I wonder? Sometime in a future stationing committee will they be looking for somewhere to send a troublesome blogger? Hopefully that far into the future they won’t be able to find anywhere to send me without broadband, good coffee and great cycling.

Top Bentley post

My friend Dave Faulkner has written the best post yet on Todd Bentley and Florida: Welcome To Todd World. It is a must read.

Mind you Henry has also been busy and his post Lakeland Revival Notes also gets a must read (not just for his very flattering comment about a post here (42: Ten Things I Believe about the Holy Spirit).


I have now written several posts on Todd Bentley you can find the others at:

Charles we don’t have time for this

Prince Charles is on the BBC: Charles urges forest logging halt.

The halting of logging in the world’s rainforests is the single greatest solution to climate change, Prince Charles has said.

Apparently rain forest destruction accounts for 18% of total CO2 from Human sources.

I totally agree that we should be working at saving rainforests.

BUT we do not have time to tackle climate change one item at a time.

Suppose we stopped all rainforest destruction, maybe we went even further and and allowed some land to start a (long) process of returning to forest.

At best we could cut CO2 production by 18%, but no climatologist seems to thing that is anything like enough.

We have to start on 1001 different projects to cut CO2 production. Tackling the low lying fruit in 1001 areas is a much faster way to cut CO2 production by more than 18%.

So work on the rainforests but also work on sustainable transport, more efficient production, reduced consumption, more efficient energy sources, …

This single item focus reminds me of another post I wrote recently: 42: Percentage Christianity.

Nearly caught my tail

Just one last sprint and today I think I will have cracked it and caught my tail.

Back from the 24/7 prayer room at 1:45am, then back again at 8am to collect some materials and catch a particular person for prayer before off to school from 9:00 till noon. Prayer room for ministers meeting from 12:30 til 2:30, back home, realised I have lost my mobile phone, hence   manic search everywhere.

Pack to go away for the night, prepare for showing the Rainbows (youngest section of the Girl Guides movement) the prayer room, prepare for a prayer meeting in the prayer room, arrange for a bed delivery to my Mother-in-law.

No at 5pm off to the prayer room for the Rainbows, then to Mother-in-laws to setup the bed, then the prayer meeting followed by a 2 hour drive to my brothers for the night (he lives much nearer the Christian Resources Exhibition I am going to tomorrow).

Can’t even begin to think of all the things I have forgotten today.

A few months ago it sounded such a good idea to tie the 24/7 prayer in with Pentecost – now thinking that the prayer is great but oops for the diary.  Fortunately things look a bit more sensible by about Tuesday next week.

Lucky I only need to work one day a week :-)

It does not get better than this

What a wonderful morning. I got to spend the whole morning talking to three separate classes of year 1 kids (ages 5 & 6) about the Bible.

What is more I get paid to do it. Wow!

We had a great time.

You gotta love being a minister – can anything be better than talking about Jesus to kids who want to know more?

Whooo Hooo – sorry a bit jazzed up by this :-)

24×7 progress

Just an update to say that updates are tricky this week. We are now well into this year’s 24×7 prayer week. Glad to say that more people than ever have signed up on the rotas. We started on Sunday at 4pm with Cafe style worship and so far we have only been closed for 3.5 hours each night – not many volunteers between 1:30am and 5am :-)

As always I am finding this powerful, challenging, exciting and attractive.

Off to School for the morning to talk to 3 lots of year 1′s about the Bible so got to dash,

10 things I believe about the Holy Spirit

There has been a lot said in recent days on the Holy Spirit in Churches. Many wise words have been written by Tim and Peter (their posts have links to much of the debate). At the same time there is a debate on claims for revival (or devil worship – depending on people’s strong opinions) regarding Todd Bentley
I made a side comment on the subject in 42: Just watch it go. Now I want to lay things out in a little more detail.

10 Things I believe about the Holy Spirit

  1. The Holy Spirit is active in the world today
  2. The Holy Spirit enters a person at conversion, this may or may not be accompanied by visible gifts of the Spirit. Christians cannot be divided into two types or classes: Spirit filled and plain.
  3. There are gifts of the Spirit (tongues, healing, prophetic words etc) given to people today, but not all gifts of the Spirit are given to all Christians
  4. Many Christians (but not all) experience a dramatic, sudden "baptism" in the Holy Spirit. This does not mean the Holy Spirit was absent before this experience.
  5. Churches should be praying expectantly for people to be filled by the Holy Spirit
  6. Churches should be expecting the Holy Spirit to be active in their midst in both dramatic and gentle ways. If the Holy Spirit is not active then the Church needs to be concerned and seek change.
  7. Christians should be constantly seeking to be filled with the Spirit both because we "leak" and because there is always more to experience and learn of God.
  8. Not all Christians filled by the Spirit will speak in tongues. Speaking in tongues is not a test of whether someone is a Christian (or a Spirit filled Christian).
  9. Christianity is about far more than just "Spirit filled" worship.
  10. Many Churches that experience dramatic blessings of the Spirit seem to end up splitting over divisions about the work of the Spirit and the level of welcome to those with or without dramatic gifts. This connects with a tendency to judge and exclude people who have had different experiences to ourselves. It is not a good thing.

It is quite hard to limit yourself to 10 things about the Holy Spirit, there is a lot more that could be said, but instead I will simply end with:

Come Holy Spirit, Come