Monthly Archives: June 2008

Inclusive Church


Loving God,
we pray for a Church
where everyone is welcome,
where everyone is involved,
where everyone is cherished.
Help us to become that Church,
in Spirit, Word and Love,


Hat tip: OUTCOME

Also from their Spring 08 newsletter:

Gracious God,
Forgive us when we neglect to acknowledge other people who are marginalised.

Forgive us when we think our oppression is the most important and the only one that exists.

Forgive us when we exclude others, even though we know how it feels to be excluded.

Forgiving God,
Thank you for your mercy.


Outcome and Blessings

Ruby has been as quick as always in her blogging.

This was my first Outcome event, but it will not be the last.

Over the past years I have argued many times over the need for justice relating to women in the Church. I will continue to do so.

However, this was an important reminder for me that there are so many other areas where justice is needed.

I met some wonderful and faithful people. Their commitment to a Church that has caused so many of them much hurt is scary. By that I mean deeply challenging to those of us who have had an easy ride.

We have failed (and continue to fail) to include people. We continue to openly exclude based on sexuality (and in some cases based on gender or ethnicity or race or …). That goes directly against the example of Jesus and it needs to be challenged. More than that we need to recognise our need to confess, be forgiven, seek reconciliatgion and to be transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit into a fully inclusive Church, a Church for the people that Jesus lived, died and rose again for – for all people. May we allow the Holy Spirit to work a miracle of transformation among us that the Kingdom may come.

Meanwhile I need to get better prepared, I need good liturgy ready for when it will be needed to bless Civil Partnerships.