Monthly Archives: August 2008

A circuit with vision

Time to celebrate. Tonight at a special Circuit Meeting the Nene Valley Circuit unanimously adopted a 10 year vision NV2017. This is the result of a year long process of prayer, discernment, discussion and reflection among all our Churches.

Our Vision is focused on living out our simple sounding mission: "To serve God in the Nene Valley".

To achieve this our vision commits us to becoming a Mission Shaped Circuit and to do that it challenges us to concentrate on three key elements:

  • Outreach
  • Worship
  • Small groups

More than that, we have agreed to 10 visionary proposals to be implemented that will enable us to become a Mission Shaped Circuit to properly support these three key elements. In different ways they change our priorities, free resources, commit our finances and change our structures all in support of this vision.

Some of the proposals are pretty radical in terms of changing the way we do Church. I am particularly excited by three things:

  1. Team working in every aspect of our circuit and churches. A big change from traditional ways of working for circuit staff.
  2. Really exciting changes to the way we plan, co-ordinate and prepare worship. This will allow us to make strides forward in consistent quality bringing together the advantages of consistent leadership and team working.
  3. To support the key elements each minister is being given a circuit enabler role. For me this will be in the areas of Fresh Expressions and Worship.

But all of it is most exciting as it makes progress in turning us back into a movement for mission, a new phase for the people called Methodists in this part of the East Midlands.

As I have said before, this is a great time to be a Methodist Minister and experience how God is changing us through the power of his Holy Spirit to be used again for his Kingdom.

Already there are three groups wanting to start discussions on Fresh Expressions, we have more local preachers in training than we have had for years (and they are younger), our Vision steering group includes a spread of ages from mid twenties upwards and I repeat the circuit meeting voted unanimously to adopt and support this vision!