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Methodist Growth

This afternoon we had record numbers at WOT (Worship on Thursdays and Raunds Methodist Church). That meant 35 for the meal at the end (and we had a visitor for most of the time before that).

That is more (I think by 1 or 2) than we got for the Christmas Party (and we had more church members helping at the party) and by far the most for a normal afternoon despite being the first week back after Christmas (last week the school that the majority of WOT kids go to went to the pantomime so we did not try to compete).

The newer members of the WOT community are all new, not transfers from other Churches or existing members of the Sunday congregation.

We are going to need to buy something bigger to cook Apple Crumble in (again) :-) I like problems like that.

Oh and the age range is currently 3 to 84 and recently we have added several new men keeping a pretty equal gender balance.

This half term we are looking at some of the exciting stories and characters in the Old Testament. So today we were making Jacob's ladders, playing snakes and ladders etc with the reflection on Jacobs encounters with God ("God is with me even here" and "God can cope with us wrestling with him").

Thanks to all the helpers who are so willing and dedicated it seems like less work and more fun than ever.

For a chapel with a membership in the low 60's this seems like pretty significant progress in just over two years.

Equality in the Church

As he promised Fat Prophet has written an interesting and challenging series on Equality in the Church:

  1. Equality in the Church. What is it and some personal history
  2. Equality in the Church (2). Challenging equality of membership
  3. Equality in the church (3). Challenging equality in representation and involvement at Synod and Conference
  4. Equality in the Church (4). Equality and Local Preachers

Well worth reading and thinking about.

Reading the scriptures without a male bias

Cheryl looks at 1 Timothy 2:9-10 in a more helpful way and then concludes:

So how can we as a church work on reading the scriptures without a male bias? For one, we can ask for the understanding of scripture passages from godly Christian women. We can use and appreciate the gifts that God has given the entire body of Christ through our sisters in Christ. Any other suggestions? Women In Ministry » Reading the scriptures without a male bias.

Good post, good challenge and a good start at an answer.

Any more thoughts on “So how can we as a church work on reading the scriptures without a male bias?“.