Monthly Archives: April 2011

A beautiful day as a reminder

Days like this are a great reminder of why I love being a Methodist Minister so much.

It started with the last lent group of the year. We have had a men only group for the first time in Syston and it has worked really well. We have enjoyed the time together and not just because of the excellent Bacon or Sausage Cobs :-) It is something we will do again as the group definitely had a different way of working through the material and also it doubled the number of men doing the lent course this year.

After that I nipped next door into the Syston Methodist Church Spring Fayre (the date was changed because we were not consulted about the date of a certain Royal Wedding). I resisted the temptation to have another bacon roll but had some cake instead :-) Good way to meet people from the extended Church family as well as keep up-to-date with who can't be there. Always an interesting mix of very surface, social chat interspersed with much deeper conversations (for example about membership, how the lent course had changed someone & forgiveness). 

This afternoon was gorgeous weather so it made it a lovely ride into Leicester to visit someone in the Royal Infirmary. So often these visits are better for me than for the person in hospital and today was a good example :-) 

My bike took me home via Starbucks in the city centre which I thought was very kind of it. A bit sad to see a number of bikes in the racks with no wheels. Wish people would either use the Bike Park or a lock that is reasonable secure and actually lock the wheels on. Again a really lovely gentle ride home through Watermead Park.

Tonight we are watching the latest Harry Potter film which we just got on DVD and then I get to finish preparing worship for tomorrow evening and maybe make some progress on EasterLive

Days just don't get a lot better than this.