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Hell: Because Love Wins | the blue fish project (dave bish)

In Hell: Because Love Wins Dave Bish writes

In some cases we have no issue with that – everyone thinks certain people should be punished…

H'mm, I don't think that is how we should think.

My understanding is that there is nobody that Jesus wants to see punished, that is why he went to the cross. Even on the cross he called out "Father forgive them", referring to the people who had put him there.

So, I don't think we should be thinking that "certain people should be punished…", instead we should be focused on the miracle that Jesus came, died & rose again so that all of us, as sinners, may be forgiven, reconciled with God and not punished.

Anything else turns us into judges complaning about the sticks in other peoples eyes while unaware of the logs in our own eyes