2 thoughts on “C2C Day 1 – Whitehaven to Penrith

  1. Olive Morgan

    You certainly had some hills to climb from Whitehaven to Penrith, and if you are then going from Penrith to Scotch Corner you will be cycling past the farm my grandfather had in Harwood, where we ran wild as kids, and then ‘Barney’ (Barnard Castle) where I lived from 6 months to 17 years – truly wonderful countryside! I hope you are feeling good, without too many aches and pains.

  2. 42

    C2C Day 2 – Penrith to Waskerley

    42: C2C Day 1 – Whitehaven to Penrith. C2C Day 1 – Penrith to Waskerley Widget powered by EveryTrail: GPS Geotagging


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