C2C Day 3 – Waskerley to Sunderland plus

Following 42: C2C Day 2 – Penrith to Waskerley this was our last C2C day. As I was carrying on on my own I towed my Bob Yak trailer from the B&B (I dropped it off on my way driving to Whitehaven on Friday). As I was not sure whether I would meet the guys moving the bags before I wanted to start off for Tyneside I chose to carry all my luggage and therefore to ride with a slower group.

Our group was dogged by some early problems of punctures left over from the day before. These were solved in Consett by a visit to a bike shop and several new inner tubes.

Nice ride but lots of difficult gates for the Bob Yak to navigate, would have been a nightmare with a child trailer.

Once I had posed for photos with the others I continued onwards “enjoying” the worst burger ever from a beach cafe. good route and excellent timing for the ferry across the Tyne, I rolled on and the gangplank went up and off we went. That was the Two Rivers route.

From the it was about 17 miles to tonights B&B, along the Reivers Route. it was well signposted and pretty good surface but I have broken another spoke today on the back wheel (just too fat obviously but I think it may not have been helped by some big bumps when getting the trailer past some barriers). I have removed the broken spoke and straightened the wheel a bit. Will be looking for a bike shop for a better repair. Not very happy with the quality of the wheel or the freewheel at the moment, everything else is working fine.

Obviously very different riding on my own (plus against the wind), missing the friends I have made but also quite enjoying the tranquility of plodding along on my own.

Anyway must be time for bed, I want an early start to give the best opportunity to get the wheel fixed if I can (or keep stopping for wheel straightening). ot so far tomorrow, going to by Falstone which is just before the Kielder Dam (will be very wet if the dam breaks).

C2C Day 3 – Waskerley to Sunderland plus

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4 thoughts on “C2C Day 3 – Waskerley to Sunderland plus

  1. Olive Morgan

    Since it’s 5 days since you wrote that, Dave, I’m wondering if the Dam did break – or you’ve had an accident and are in hospital somewhere? Awaiting the next instalment……..

  2. Dave Warnock

    Thanks for your concern. No problems, just no internet for the next 3 nights. Got home yesterday evening and went out for a meal with the family and then to bed. Updates on the last 3 days of riding coming today.
    I have put the routes up on EveryTrail but not yet blogged about them.


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