C2C Day 5 – Kielder Dam to Westlinton

Despite a wonderful breakfast (see C2C Day 4 – Ponteland to Kielder Dam) and an earlyish start at 8:15 this was a very hard day.

I had my biggest routing problem late in the day. That looks like a complete loop on the map although I did not realise it at the time. A sign had been rotated enough to be confusing but what was really confusing was the help I got from someone whose door I knocked on. What I should have done was look at the map page on the Garm Edge 705 which would have put me right in seconds, but it was raining and I was knackered.

A little bit further on I had to ride through a ford, it was deep enough to make sure that both feet got really properly wet.

I was riding with a missing spoke on my back wheel (broken on day 3), I had removed the spoke and straightened the wheel as best I could end the end of day 3. This meant I lost time at Leaplish and Kielder trying to find a bike shop that could help (nothing at Leaplish and the hire shop in Kielder sends wheels to Newcastle for repairs). That meant I was cautious about off road sections so took the guide book recommended alternative on the road to Newcastleton where I had a nice lunch at the Olive Tree Cafe.

As it rained for at least four hours and as the head wind was again very strong I was very glad to arrive at Lynebank Guest House at Westlinton for the night (although I was not the only one in the restaurant I was the only one for breakfast). I was also pleased to be able to arrange to leave the trailer and heavy bag here ready for collection on my way home on Friday. That meant I would not have to tow the trailer up the hilliest day of the Reivers route (my day 6).

C2C Day 5 – Kielder Dam to Westlinton

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