C2C Day 6 – Westlinton to Whitehaven

My last C2C/Reivers day!

Followed: C2C Day 5 – Kielder Dam to Westlinton but was dry all day (what a relief). The main problem for today turned out to be the scarcity of places to stop for drinks and food on the way. Fortunately I did stop and have a nice bacon roll in Dalston as the next place I stopped at a cafe was in Cockermouth. I had been planning to stop at Hesket Newmarket but the pub was not open and the village shop did not have much to choose from. The GPS translation onto Everytrail seems to have gone to straight lines again and lost a lot of feet climbed in the process.

Most frustraiting bit was being reduced to 4.9mph and 2nd gear on the flat by the headwind as I was on the top going around Scafell Pike.

Anyway I finished, the GPS gave a total of 340 miles in 6 days. By far the most riding I have ever done.

Here is the last day's route C2c Day 6 – Westlinton to Whitehaven, the end

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2 thoughts on “C2C Day 6 – Westlinton to Whitehaven

  1. Dave Warnock

    Thanks Olive,
    I think that I was pretty lucky with the weather. Two days of rain in 6 days riding is not too bad at all for May in that part of the world. In fact on both wet days I managed a few dry hours in the morning.
    This last day was the most spectacular scenery as you climb from Carlisle before the steep descent towards the sea. Great views of Scafell Pike.
    The previous day was lovely views along Kielder water and to Newcastleton before the rain closed down visibility.
    I found the distances (average 56 miles per day) meant that when alone I tended to plod on rather than stop to take everything in (especially as the headwind slowed me down so much).


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