C2C Start

I am writing this from the Quay at Whitehaven, I have arrived for the start of the Coast 2 Coast ride for Christians Against Poverty.  am a bit early (probably because I am nervous about the hills to come later today and tomorrow).

Sadly the only thing I have forgotten is the special, non standard, USB cable for the camera so I can't put any photos on the blog until I get back home.

It is a gorgeous morning here, blue skies but a slightly chilly, however, that wind is going to be behind us today – handy because I need every bit of help I can get for the hills.

Quite a few cyclists around lining up for their photos at the start. Not quite sure how I will recognise the other 17 that are riding for Christians Against Poverty. I have not met any of them before, no doubt we will know each other pretty well by Monday. Once we have met it will be easier as we all get Christians Against Poverty t-shirts :-)

My plans have worked out ok so far. Yesterday I drove up via the Sunday night B&B (near Consett) where I left my Bob Yak bike trailer. I'll collect it for Monday morning so that I have it available for my return trip on teh Reivers Route. I'll be on my own for the return so I will need to carry my luggage, hence the trailer. For the C2C (Coast to Coast) the Bike Bus will carry our bags each day.

Sadly as I look around this part of Whitehaven it appears the coffee shops don't open until 10am. Maybe I should wash my bike or something instead :-)

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