Best laid plans: Kingcycle update 2

H’mm, collecting the Kingcyle (seeKingcycle update) did not go quite as planned.

The back brake is fine and working well, the wheels are good and the tyres fit (with tiny, tny clearance). But the front brake has this plate attached to the fork to resist the rotational force and it slips when you brake hard.

Andy is going to try the same larger mounting as he has used on the back. If that does not work then we will need to look at welding or a new fork (apparently tricky as it is a 1" and most 20" forks with disk brake mounts are 1 1/8").

If all goes well it may still be possible today, but we have boys to ferry all over the place, I have a contact lens fitting booked and we are going out to friends for a meal tonight. So I may need to wait til Monday (assuming the easy solution works).

2 thoughts on “Best laid plans: Kingcycle update 2

  1. DaveW

    Update: Spoke to Andy today and he is going to use 2 of the original plates (to provide a bit more width) and get them welded to the fork. Should work well. If that does not work then I have now found some forks that would fit at
    Should collect Wednesday.

  2. 42

    The Ultimate Kingcycle?

    Whooohooo, collected my Kingcycle from Andy of A.D. Cycles today. I have put the tail fairing back on, added the lights and been for my first ride.


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