C2C Training in Leicestershire and Rutland

Here is today's ride. It was gorgeous. Note that the average speed includes stops at the bike shop on the north side of Rutland water, the coffee shop on the south side of Rutland water and Costa Coffee in Oakham. Plus I bonked in a major way about 8 miles before the end. Had to walk up one hill and used 1st gear a couple of times.

Weather was lovely and the route was great, very quiet and lots of hills (except round Rutland water) which is what I wanted for C2C training. Distance was about the same as a C2C day and the climbing about 1/2 what I will need to do on the first 2 days of the C2C.

Note I started at Belton-in-Rutland, the other waypoint is an extra because the Garmin Edge 705 had stopped recording totals for climbing and descending, turning it off and on again fixed it but created a waypoint. It seemed to go wrong at Costa Coffee, maybe it does not like my Massimo Fair Trade Latte with skimmed milk and extra shot.

C2C training in Leicester and Rutland at EveryTrail

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10 thoughts on “C2C Training in Leicestershire and Rutland

  1. Tim

    There’s a Costa Coffee in Oakham now? When did that happen? Wasn’t there when I was staying with Mum and Dad two years ago!

  2. Dave Warnock

    It looked pretty new. Very nice. Address is:
    Church Street, Oakham, LE15 6AA
    That is on the West side of the street (left as you come from the High Street), close to the High Street end of Church Street.
    I think they were still recruiting staff if you are looking for a new job :-)

  3. Tim

    o, I see it isn’t. Two new coffee shops on Church Street. And already a very good independent one (The Lounge) just south of them. I hope they don’t put The Lounge out of business – it was the only place in Oakham with free wireless internet access.

  4. Dave Warnock

    I didn’t see Beans or I would have chosen it. We have one not far from home in Higham Ferrers, good coffee and huge cake :-)
    The Lounge looked more cafe/restaurant from the outside and less comfy coffee shop. Next time I’ll try one of them as generally prefer independents.
    Oakham makes a nice cafe stop in a wonderful area for cycling so I’ll be back there.


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