Car servicing by Trike

Writing about the New ICE website (Inspired Cycle Engineering) reminded me of yesterdays trike rides.

Our car had started to make a funny noise (don’t worry that’s about as technical as it gets ;-), the two nearest Peugeot dealers could not do anything before the new year so I booked it into Sidlow (by the way checkout the url: surely worthy of a prize for uggliness) in Reigate.

Reigate is a bit far for comfort on my Birdy and anyway I did not have loads of time so I folded the back seat and my XXL fitted in easily. Then I drove there, rode back to work and then at the end of the day reversed the process.

It was quite cold out, so going back at around 5:30pm I was in cycling bib trousers (I wore jeans in the morning but it had got colder), t-shirt, jumper, fleece, waterproof jacket, gloves and wooly hat. I was very comfortably warm although when I got home realised that my feet were a bit cold – thicker socks were called for. One of the nice things about a recumbent trike is that yiou can nestle your chins in the collar of your fleece to keep them warm – one of the not so nice features is that you get a good view of the size of your belly.

I decided to not fully use the cycle path around Gatwick, due to the detours it imposes. On the way south in the morning I joined the cycle route at the terminal building rather than going round the houses to join the start in Horley. On the way north in the evening I just went on the main road all the way including all the dual carriageway around Gatwick. Fortunately due to the volume of traffic and some road works I overtook all the cars that had gone past me and some more, although on the road from Gatwick to Reigate they all went past again. In total it took me 25 mins to cycle to the garage and 20 mins to drive home.

The ride was very pleasant a nice reminder of how comfortable and relaxed the XXL is for gently, yet quite rapidly moving from A to B.

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