Climbing practice

Today I was doing some training for my sponsored Coast to Coast ride. So I rode to my first meeting at 10:30am by a roundabout route looking for every hill I could find (but not just riding up and down one hill).

The bad news is that in nearly 20 miles of riding I only managed to find a total of 763 feet of climbing. That was despite going for the hilliest route I could think of that went in a very roundabout way from A to B.

This is a worry.

I am very bad at riding up hills and there are not many hills to practice on. The advice in a magazine is to find hills that take at least 5 minutes of hard climbing but there are none within 10 miles of home.

On the Coast to Coast I have 13,600 feet to climb in three days. Around here it will take me two weeks to find that many feet to climb.

Oh dear. I'll have to take some time to drive to hillier parts to get some concentrated training in – of course the time just before Easter is a terrible time to make time for cycle training when you are a minister. After Easter I do have a few days of holiday and then a 4 day course.

Meanwhile more sponsors welcome at

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