Cycling Holiday

We went cycling this year. But more adventurous than ever before.

Again (for the fourth year) we went on a holiday organised by the Company of Cyclists. This time it was based in Framlingham which is not so very far from home. So we cycled to the holiday and then home again.

We have never done cycle touring as a family. We have never camped in a backpacking style as a family either. So a big challenge.

In total it was approx 135 miles to the holiday. We took this gently over 6 days of cyling (and one day off to visit London by train). That meant (rounding to nearest 5 miles) 30, 30, 35, 20 and 20 miles controlled by the location of campsites and our need to get to London on a specific day.

The holiday itself was great, one of the advantages for us is how our use of the holiday has been able to evolve as the kids have got older. In the first year we all tended to do the short rides together. Now Andrew does the medium or long rides without us, Peter did a number of rides in different groups to us (and far more miles than ever before). Stephen rode his Trets behind Jane and I (we were on our X2 our Trice tandem recumbent trike), except on a day trip to Southwold he came back in the minibus so Jane and I had the tandem to ourselves. Jane and I also did longer rides than before, partly because we were riding the tandem together for the first time.

I am sure I will write more about the Company Of Cyclists holiday later and will also put up photos.

Our journey home ended up slightly different to the journey out. First, it was very wet for the first 3 days. Very very wet. Wetter than swimming.

Second, Peter had a few problems with his bike. During the week at Framlingham we had found 3 broken spokes on his back wheel, which we got fixed. On the 3rd day home another 2 broke and his wheel buckled a lot.

So instead of the last two days of 30 miles each we changed plans. Jane stayed at the campsite near Ely while Andrew and I rode the X2 home in a day (58 miles). I then drove to collect Jane, Peter and Stephen, two bikes, the Trets and the trailer. We therefore got home a day early (but spent much of the next day sleeping).

Some total miles:

  • Andrew: 530
  • Dave: 430
  • Peter: 400
  • Jane: 375
  • Stephen: 350

That is over 16 days. Andrew had 1 day off, I had 2, Jane, Peter and Stephen had 3.

All the journey miles were with a lot of gear, we have learnt a lot of lessons and would carry a lot less in the future.

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