Gardening riskier than cycling

From the CTC newsnet 30/11/07:

Gardening riskier than cycling

would have thought it? We all know the daily risks that face road cyclists
whenever they mount their bikes – from potholes to oil slicks to erratic
drivers – but, according to one recent study published in The Sydney Morning Herald, they are better
off messing about in the saddle than the soil. Around 5% of gardeners –
compared to 4% of cyclists – were found to require medical care for an
injury related to their respective activities. Although the study did not touch
on the dangerousness arising from a combination of the two hobbies, it would be
safe to assume that attempting to prune a tall rose while standing on
one’s bicycle seat is to be avoided at all costs.


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One thought on “Gardening riskier than cycling

  1. Peter Kirk

    Well, that may be true in Sydney. But we don’t have to put up, as they do, with deadly poisonous spiders whose favourite habitat is garden sheds in leafy North Sydney. Also Sydney’s roads are a bit more cycle friendly (at least, a bit wider and less overcrowded) than our British ones, and they don’t have to put up with our November murk, at a time when their summer is just starting.
    Oh to be on a bike in Sydney! But since I am stuck in England, I will stick to the garden. No, I’ll stay inside and keep warm, that’s safer still.


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