Get Cycling Show 2008

We spent today getting rather windswept at the Get Cycling Show 2008, too bad if you did not get there cos it was great.

We especially enjoyed meeting a whole load of friends from the Company of Cyclists holidays that we went on for four years (and may do again in 2009).

We got plenty of opportunities to ride on strange bikes as well as test out practical ones for the future as well.

For example the longbike centre enabled me to ride a Yuba Mundo, a Kona Ute and an xtracycle. I have to say I liked them all for different reasons (first impressions):

  • Best speed: Kona Ute (but the Mundo suffered from a back brake that was rubbing all the while, still the Ute is much lighter and a much wider gear range)
  • Toughest: Yuba Mundo
  • Best sorted luggage options: xtracycle
  • Best comfort: Kona
  • Greatest load capacity: Yuba Mundo
  • Cheapest: Yuba Mundo (unless you have a suitable donor bike in which case it is the Xtracycle).
  • Best looking: Kona Ute

Sadly no Surly Big Dummys at the show, availability is so tight, they would be at the top of the quality, flexibility and total capacity list – but at a high price.
We only took our youngest son (others were revising or at Scout Camp), he loved the Bumper Bikes, Scalectrix Racing, KMX Track (both KMX Trikes and 4 wheel go karts) – in fact we were surprised he did not collapse as soon as he got in the car as he spent so long racing around at the show.

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