Getting ready for the C2C

Just over 2 weeks to go before I ride the Coast to Coast. That is Whitehaven to Sunderland 135 miles 13,600 feet of climbing.

So I have been getting some of the preparation done, in doing that I have committed myself to a round trip. Now I am riding the Coast to Coast in 3 days (Saturday 2nd May to Monday 4th May) and then continuing on the Two Rivers Route to Tyneside (8 miles) and then back to Whitehaven on the Reivers Route (170 miles). That will start in a small way on Monday 4th and finish on Thursday 7th.

So in total it should be about 310 miles and 16,600 feet of climbing in 6 days of riding.

All the accommodation is booked, just waiting for a couple of confirmations about car parking and bike trailer parking. As I am doing the Reivers route on my own and need to carry all my stuff I am using my Bob Yak trailer (not easy to carry enough stuff otherwise on a full suspension mountain bike). Bob_yak

I am hoping to drop the trailer off at the Sunday night B&B as I drive up to Whitehaven on Friday 1st May (only an extraq 35 miles, not too much in 300 total) . Then I will be able to tow it for the last day of the C2C (which is mostly downhill) ready to continue on with the Two Rivers and first 18 miles of the Reivers route.

The whole purpose is to raise money for Christians Against Poverty and so far the total is over £1,500 but I want more. Please visit and make a donation if you have not already done so. I am paying all the costs so every pound goes to Christians Against Poverty.

It seems there are 18 of us riding with over £9,000 in sponsorship so far. If you have already sponsored me then why not sponsor John Hearson who is sharing a room with me for 2 nights (the money still goes to Christians Against Poverty).

Tomorrow (well actually today now) I am heading for the hills and the rain. I plan to drive to Belton-in-Rutland (just west of Uppingham, off the A47) and ride to Oakham for lunch (via Loddington, Launde Abbey, Knossington) and then back to the car, they have much better hills there than we do in Northamtonshire so it should be better training. I want to aim for 50 hilly miles to build some confidence.

Next week I am on a course at The Retreat House, Pleshey. It is only about 70 miles away but starts with lunch at 12:30pm on Monday so I would have to leave home very very early to be sure of getting there in time. At the moment I plan on getting a lift part of the way and then riding the rest. I do hope to ride all the way home as training.

I have done about 30 miles so far this week, plus plenty of digging to plant potatoes but it is not anything like as much as I would like to have under my belt this close to the event. Still if I can manage another couple of hundred beforehand I should be ok.

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