Going for it

On Friday in 42: Getting ready for the C2C I wrote

Next week I am on a course at The Retreat House, Pleshey. It is only about 70 miles away but starts with lunch at 12:30pm on Monday so I would have to leave home very very early to be sure of getting there in time. At the moment I plan on getting a lift part of the way and then riding the rest. I do hope to ride all the way home as training.

Well, I have in fact decided to ride the whole way. My Garmin 705 bike computer has sorted me out a route which is just over 76 miles. I'll be starting at 4:30am which should give me plenty of time. Just doing my packing now, then hopefully an early night.

Am planning to go on my normal Trek road bike which will make this my longest ever ride on an upright bike. My 2nd longest ride ever. The longest was to Cheltenham in a day as part of a day and half riding to a retreat at Lindors Christian Guild Hotel. The first day was just over 90 miles in January 2007 on my recumbent trike.

Anyway after a very hilly (for this part of the world) ride on Friday where I did nearly 60 miles (and 3750 feet of climbing) on my full suspension mountain bike I figure this should be possible.

Phone signal permitting, Pleshey looks about as remote as Essex gets :-), I'll confirm safe arrival tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Going for it

  1. Valkyrie

    Well, I should agree with Sam. It is a very impressive one. But I think Pleshey gives you a good signal even without going to a higher floor.

  2. Dave

    Phone signal turned out to be very dependant on which network you use. Some worked everywhere, some only on one side of the top floor and some seemingly not at all.
    But they had WiFi so I was able to use that to connect.
    The problem with the dongle to use the 3G mobile network for my laptop is that it does require a full 3G signal, whereas my phone will still work when there is no 3G signal.


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