Good start

A good start, within just a few hours the first donations have come in for my sponsored cycle ride for Christians Against Poverty.

You can see progress and more importantly sponsor me at Dave Warnock’s Fundraising Page (note you can pay by credit card, debit card and paypal). Also Justgiving automatically collect gift aid for your gift (UK tax payers only) and so for every £10 you give Christians Against Poverty get £11.90 after all costs have been deducted – cool isn’t it!

The next step is going to be working out what bike I am going to ride for the event. despite owning what some people consider an obscene number of bikes I don’t actually have a mountain bike or even a hybrid suitable for some of the off-road sections of the route.

Oh well sorting that out will provide me with some enjoyable hours :-) And no I did not decide to do the coast to coast just to get another bike – I did not think about it in advance (honest).

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