Hipparion Trike

The Hipparion Trike is very interesting. A delta trike (2 wheels at the back, 1 at the front), with front wheel drive and lean steering (you tilt the front over using your legs with your arms on fixed handlebars to act as a lever to control your legs.

The claims for this trike are amazing.

The looks are very individual, I quite like it, Jane was not so positive. Very practical indeed for load carrying with a great load platform between the wheels and under the seat.

I would love to have a ride and find out what the performance and handling is like.

One thought on “Hipparion Trike

  1. 42

    Trans Canada Human Powered Speed Record HPV

    I have written about Greg Kolodziejzyk and his Trans Canada Human Powered Speed Record HPV. before (42: New fast recumbent Trike) but


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