I hate the B571

Today I rode to Wellingborough along my least favourite road.

The B751 from Irthlingborough to Wellingborough (called "Wellingborough Road", "Mill Road" and "Irthlingborough Road") is horrible for a cyclist. For some reason this road seems to destroy the brains of car drivers.

In the section nearest Irthlingborough there are hidden dips on a straight section. Car drivers continually try to overtake with no knowledge of what might be coming in the opposite direction.

In the middle section there are a couple of junctions, one on a blind bend. Cars try to overtake without being able to see, or they overtake and then immediately stop as they wait to be able to turn off across traffic coming the other way. Both happened to me today.

At the Wellingborough end there are a number of right angle blink bends. One of these is particularly nasty when coming back from Wellingborough. You are climbing quite steeply and the road does a sharp left onto the railway bridge, it is completely blind, narrow and there is a brick wall at the side of the road. Today an incredibly stupid and dangerous driver overtook me on this blind bend despite me moving out towards the middle of the road. As he overtook I was totally dependant on luck – was a car coming the other way or not, neither of us could see to know if I was going to be ok or squashed against the wall if he had to swerve to avoid a head on collision. 

I hate this road, it feels like the most dangerous "minor" road in this area yet it is an important route for cyclists. It is a key route from the east and south east into Wellingborough. The others require you to use main A roads with no cycle facilities or ride much further.

No wonder people don't cycle much in the UK,

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