ICE do it again!

ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) have done it again with new recumbent trike models.

Thanks to the trikes list for the news.

Anyway there is a really nice cheaper of the XXL and is called the ICE S. So they now have a range of 4 cheaper Trice models:

  • ICE L (touring for smaller people)
  • ICE Q (touring for everyone else)
  • ICE S (low and fast with hard seat)
  • ICE T (Higher seat than the Q for the less agile/less speed orientated)

This is great news for anyone considering a recumbent trike but for whom the price used to be too high. I am sure that we are going to see a lot of these as they are going to be great to ride and own. Not sure if it will leave much time for sleeping by the ICE men?

I have to say that my XXL is still my absolute favourite ride. I have even been a really good boy and ridden to the gym yesterday and today on it. The new 12volt dynamo lights are really working well. H’mm, I thought I had written about those lights but maybe not. Anyway I now have the B&M 12volt dynamo, the Oval front light with standlight and the DToplight.  These are awesome!

The ride back from the Gym (Cannons) is nice because after the uphill on their long drive it is all flat or downhill, a good idea after time at the Gym. There is a nice downhill past Pound Hill shops down which the cars that keep to the speed limit slow me down ;-) Today I overcooked it a little at the traffic lights at the bottom. Went steaming through the left on green at approaching 30mph and then needed to get into the right hand lane to turn into St Mary’s Drive. Unfortunately there were 3 cars stopped at the next traffic lights and it turned out to be rather slippy. So I did a 20m skid with both front wheels locked. Now that’s why I like a trike. If I had only 2 wheels I would have either not stopped or I would have been off.

It is a common experience at those lights for car drivers to open their window and express surprise that I beat them down the hill. They should get used to it the way traffic is increasing around here.

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