Kingcycle update

Today I will collect our Kingcycle from a significant set of upgrades done by Andy Duffin of A.D. Cycles in Horsham

I first mentioned the Kingcycle in Life Update. You can see the original page about kingcycles. After the upgrades ours is no longer very standard.

The key problem has been parts for brakes and wheels. The original magura hydraulic rim brakes were already missing and I failed to find any replacements. Also the wheels had horrible heavy steel rims but a great hope rear hub.

So now we have hydraulic disk brakes front and rear (using slightly clunky bolt on adaptors) and new wheels. At the same time we have gone to a 20" front wheel and a 26" rear wheel so that tyres and tubes will be easier to find.

Andy is not a recumbent person, his tiny shop is bursting at the seams with bikes and he assembles road bikes to personal specification, but we spoke on the phone earlier today he had been riding the Kingcycle around the car park and very much liked what he found.

I am away on one of my course weekends next week so I am now wondering whether I can pack a weekend of clothes and books into the tail fairing for a proper ride (approx 40 miles each way).

Originally the intent was for Andrew to use this for racing with the BHPC (British Human Power Club), but most of their events are on Sundays and anyway I think I want it ;-)

4 thoughts on “Kingcycle update

  1. DaveW

    Hartley, a few options.
    1. Make me an offer, our Kingcycle is now surplus to requirements. My son prefers an upright road bike and I ride my challenge fujin or Trice.
    2. Contack DTEK, they usually have a few for sale tel 01353 648 577
    3. Try the ads at
    4. Try the bhpc they have online forums at with for sale and wanted sections.

  2. Hartley Isherwood

    sorry I have lost all information about your telephone number and all my e-mails. could you please let me know your phone number. I am now returned from spain.
    Thanks and aploagies
    Hartley 01942 606109


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