Laundry trip to Malton

When there is no hope that it will stop raining what better to do than ride to the nearest laundrette with two large panniers filled with the washing. To make life easy the only laundrette we have found near us only has service washes – how sad.

It is a very nice quiet route as far as the Eden Camp, from there you can go by bridal ways into Malton. However, due to a combination of very wet roads and being on a proper road bike I decided to go on the main A-road from Eden Camp straight into Malton.

I cheated on collecting the washing, Jane and I left the kids behind and collected the washing by car. We also went to the supermarket (and yes a very nice hotel for a cream tea – far to nice a place to waste on the boys).

Laundry trip to Malton at EveryTrailMap created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

That was on Tuesday and everything is still not dry on Thursday.

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