Maggi needs a trike!

So Maggi continues to set high targets for herself and everyone else in ecological footprint update. She is considering getting rid of her car for a bike but can’t ride one yet.

I feel really guilty writing this just after a post about how good our big car is at towing a caravan. But anyway.

What Maggi needs is a trike. No not one of those horrible wierd feeling trikes which are just a bike with two wheels at the back. They ride and feel yucky (a technical term).

Instead she needs a recumbent trike, a great way to get noticed in Cambridge. Not only that but there is a local supplier D-Tek recumbents in Little Thetford near Ely. Tel 01353 648 177

They stock, sell and hire ICE trikes and many other bikes/trikes recumbent and otherwise, plus trailers and all the good stuff "normal" bike shops don’t touch.

Something like the Trice QNT might work well. Oh and it will be great fun.

One thought on “Maggi needs a trike!

  1. 42

    Maggi survives first Bike riding lesson

    So Maggi may not need to consider my advice in 42: Maggi needs a trike! after todays good news: maggi dawn: still in one piece…. It has collected quite a bit of interest with a helpful article by Paul in


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