Maggi survives first Bike riding lesson

So Maggi may not need to consider my advice in 42: Maggi needs a trike! after todays good news: maggi dawn: still in one piece….

It has collected quite a bit of interest with a helpful article by Paul in Bicycles – surely a sign of the kingdom.

I might want to debate #7 about wearing a safety helmet. My opinion would be

  • yes when a child with a soft head, liable to try stupid stunts
  • yes when learning and falls are more likely.


  • Maybe not for an experienced adult not racing

I do wear a helmet on my recumbent bike (consider myself to be still
learning), bit rarely on a trike. Helmets put people off riding and
countries with the highest number of cyclists tend to be both the
safest and the least likely to wear helmets.

I am happy to gently encourage people to wear a helmet but not to
promote is as required or necessary as it gives an incorrect impression
of danger.

I would also modify #8 to suggest that for everyday use that
permanently fitted dynamo lights (with standlight) are the best
solution. You don’t forget them and you don’t find they go dim half way

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