New ICE website (Inspired Cycle Engineering)

Try out the new Inspired Cycle Engineering website, now with no frames, a layout that is tested in proper (Mozilla) browsers as well as non standards compliant browsers (IE on windows).

For a team that rightly concentrate on their products this is an excellent, mostly in-house, design. The photos are great, this is the only trike manufacturer that can show close-ups of the construction, as usual and as in the flesh, the quality shines through. Not only that but they have detailed pictures of all the accessories as well. So if you want to know what a Cateye HL EL300 5 LED front light or the excellent Mudguards look like then this is the place.

There is a lot of information here, on gears and other details, so the site is well worth a visit, even if you own or are looking at a competitors trikes.

There are now some buyers guides (price, seat type, seat height, wheel size, and stability) to help you choose between the 16 models.

Amazingly enough despite all the work producing the web site, as well as the trikes themselves, they have also been developing the products with a number of improvements.

The proof of the pudding is of course in happy customers, you can see how happy we are with our XXL and X2 from the weblog cycling archives, FAQ and various photo albums (Bike Culture Week 2003, Hayling Billy trail, and XXL to Gillingham 2003), there are also a number of other peoples photos in the well presented (although not so brilliant for bulk downloading) picture gallery. From a speed perspective is is good to see that Ben won the BHPC multitrack class this year on his very lightweight (and definately not road legal) XXL.

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