Online fundraising scandal

I refer of course to the scandal that currently I have collected more offline sponsorship for my Coast to Coast ride for Christians Against Poverty than I have online.

The offline figure is inflated by the fact I have included the payment I am making to cover all the costs (so that every pound each sponsor gives goes directly to Christians Against poverty). However, even without that amount the offline figure is still greater than the online total.

So while I offer my grateful thanks to those who have already donated generously to the online total I want to ask what has happened to the rest of you? This is especially true as I only got the paper sponsorship form on Thursday and have only taken it to two meetings so far!

If you read anything about the economy then you will realise that the work that Christians Against Poverty are doing (to help people who can't cope with their debt and to provide training for the rest of us to avoid getting into debt at all) is more important than ever.

So reach into your wallets, visit Justgiving – Dave Warnock's Fundraising Page and donate (debit cards, credit cards and paypal all accepted).

Remember that if you are a UK taxpayer then for every £10 you give Christians Against Poverty will get £11.90 with no costs taken off for the Coast to Coast ride. I you are not a UK taxpayer then the £10 will have a small transaction fee deducted by Justgiving, but it is small and Christians Against Poverty get the help they need directly into their bank account – again your donation is not being used to paay for accomodation or anything else for the Coast to Coast ride. Any donations towards new bikes should be send directly to me :-)

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