Sponsored Ride for the British Heart Foundation

I was reading one of my cycling magazines the other day and browsed the list of events at the back. I was disappointed to note that they are nearly all on Sunday's which is a problem for me.

So when I saw the British Heart Foundation: Vale of Belvoir Bike Ride 2010 was close to me and on a Saturday I decided to have a go.

So please sponsor me at Dave Warnock's Heart Foundation Page on the left you can see a widget tracking progress.

I am making life easy for me by only collecting online sponsorship so please use your debit cards, paypal or if you still have them a credit card at Dave Warnock's Heart Foundation Page to support the good work done by the British Heart Foundation. In the process you will also be helping to encourage me to keep my own heart in better shape through a bit more exercise.

A big thank you and much kudos to Sally for being the first sponsor and within nano seconds of me announcing it on twitter/facebook. Who is going to be next? When are you going to join in?

Oh and it will be a bit of a busy day as we have our next Cafechurch event that night at Costa Coffee in Wellingborough on "Do you have faith in politics?" (appropriate for the Saturday after the general election).

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