Trans Canada Human Powered Speed Record HPV

I have written about Greg Kolodziejzyk and his Trans Canada Human Powered Speed Record HPV. before (42: New fast recumbent Trike) but

it is fascinating to see the progress he is making in the design of this amazing machine.

A lean steer Delta trike like this is very exciting for the future of general HPV transportation. Lean steering solves a lot of the potential problems with Delta trikes (lack of stability when cornering, braking and fast descents are combined) as just like a 2 wheel bike your weight is shifted to the inside thus helping keep the trike upright.

Other benefits include a really simple transmission that is easier to keep clean and is separated from the steering.

Also the potential for easy and large load carrying capacity between the back wheels unaffected by the lean steering.

Many of the attributes Greg needs in an HPV to break this record are the same as are needed to get HPV’s in everyday use. eg high efficiency to allow a small amount of power go as fast and long as possible (also good for helping boost the speed/distance capabilies of you average person), great stability to allow long hours and safe riding even when tired (should make it easier for Joe Public to sit on and go safely), comfort to allow it to be ridden many hours a day (always a good sell to get people to use human powered transport).

Once Greg is done I look forward to seeing trike with some of these concepts in production.

Note that I also wrote 42: Hipparion Trike about a non performance, practical HPV with many of these characteristics, although the body does not lean when you lean steer on that one.

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