Trike Swap

Jane and I went out for a nice gentle calorie gathering ride today. We rode to Tulleys Farm to buy fruit and veg and then stopped to have a very nice lunch (jacket potato with cottage cheese then a huge slice of chocolate cake for me). On the way home we first went a bit further along the Worth Way.

It was during the extra ride along the Worth Way that Jane decided to try my Trice XXL while I rode the Road Shark. With spot of adjustment (some of the supplied foam padding inserted) she suddenly found it very comfy and started riding a lot quicker. In fact I reckon Jane was on average about 50% faster on the XXL than she was on the Road Shark (Note ours is a much older model of Road Shark).

So now it looks like I have competition for my XXL, when I asked what Jane would want to ride on a summer holiday the answer came instantly and it was my XXL – arrgh! Fortunately she is still happier with the Road Shark around town (unless you need to get off and walk among pedestrians).

After riding the XXL the Road Shark seems very very high, very upright and you seem to be almost over the front wheels. The directional and tipping stability of the XXL is much greater as is the braking. But the Road Shark is better for simple trips to the shops or for riding in heavy traffic. It has also had several years of abuse.

Mind you the Road Shark is still fun to ride especially at 25mph on one undulating, twisty and slightly bumpy bit of the Worth Way.

It was a nice way to escape for a couple of hours. For the next time I think I will stretch the stoker position on the X2 to fit Jane so we can ride that together (something that we have alweays intended it for once we no longer need to take kids along – unfortunately there are probably 6 years to go before they all ride solo all the time). At the moment it is setup for Peter and he is still quite a lot shorter than Jane.

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