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  1. Richard Weigle

    What type of tires have you found to be practical for the X2?
    I should be getting my X2 road ready for the first time this coming weekend.

  2. DaveW

    We are still using the original tyres – although I did buy some new recently as they are getting a bit worn. What I bought for the next set is what ICE currently fit which is (from the horses mouth)
    “We now fit the Maxxis Ringworm 110psi heavy duty tyre on the rear of the Tandems and the Marathon Slick in the front of the X2″
    That is the same rear tyre as we currently put on the KMX (it should last a lot longer on the X2 though ;-)
    It is the same front as before. But the rear was different. I’ll have a look when I next go outside (bit cold and dark at the minute).

  3. 42

    Updated Trikes FAQ

    I have updated the Trikes FAQ a little with some more of the reasons why we love them and links to some of the pictures of the various models. Plus links to external sites checked and updated.

  4. Fred Daane

    Dear Dave,
    It took me quit a long time to decide which trike would be the best for me. Because of the amount of money involved I first opted for a Steinberg. But thee were also the Trices. After consulting several people and searching the internet I decided to buy a Trice Explorer and talking to Neil from I.C.E.
    I did not visit your site during he buyingproces. But your information definitely strengthens me. Seems to me you are ‘bicycle-people’
    So am I. I own a racer (diamond) built by a friend of mine. I cannot ride it any more because of pain in my back and shoulders.
    I also own a foldable (Birdy) which I use when I am traveling by train. I also own a recumbent Challenge Hurricane and a Pedersen.
    And now I am waiting for my Trice.
    I use to own an car. But I sold it. The best decision in years I think (I do not hate cars or their owners) Cars are not good for ME any more.
    Fred Daane from Holland

  5. DaveW

    The Stein Road Shark and Trice Explorer have simularities in seat height etc. I am sure you will enjoy the explorer, it has amazing carrying capacity and the height like the Road Shark is good around town and off road. It has the same seat as our tandem X2 which we find the most comfortable of all the trike seats we have.
    I also have a Birdy for taking on trains etc.
    Unfortunately with work, kids and distant family we cannot manage without a car. But using bikes/trikes means we can manage fine with only 1 car.
    I too have found talking to Neil and Chris at ICE very helpful and just plain enjoyable, I could waste all their days ;-)

  6. IanK

    I wondered if you could comment on the ground clearance of the XXL? In particular, I’d be interested to know if you think that the way that backbone slopes up from just behind the wheel provides meaningful extra clearance. Also, in the pictures on the ICE site, the chain and rear mech look awfully close to the ground. Do you get much chain slap, and does the rear mech get tagged by debris.
    Thanks for you time

  7. DaveW

    If you are going to use the XXL on the road the ground clearance is fine. I have been cautious over speed bumps but only really vicious ones like at the entrance to some camp sites have ever been a problem. Off road I have not had a problem on some poor farm tracks and on the national cycle network – but I don’t like the bumpy bits as that feels like abusing a friend.
    The chain is well controlled by the tubes so never had a problem with that at all.
    The rear mech does collect grass if you ride over grass ;-) I try not to very much, fine on lawns and well groomed campsites, otherwise not ideal.
    The 26″ wheel versions would be somewhat better for this but I like the lower back rack, only one size of tube and tyre and the shorter length.

  8. Lee

    Nice site:)
    I got my first trike, a KMX (which I have heavily customized) in jan 05 and already have over 1200 miles on it including a century ride. So much more enjoyable than my old upright and excellent value at £600 (and about £200 for upgrades, new tyres, mirrors and hard-shell seat).
    I am already thinking about an upgrade, maybe a ICE S, ICE QNT, Catrike Speed or Greenspeed GT3 or X5.
    On the subject of ground clearence, my trike is very low, seat height is about 6″ and ground clearence is less than 2 inches (stock is about 3 inches but my mods have lowered it). I cannot go over most types of speed humps or down very rougth trails but other than that I have few problems dispite ground clearence being about 1.5″ (40cm).

  9. DaveW

    Funny co-incidence – I was just setting up our KMX (K class) for our youngest, who is just about long enough to start riding it, today.
    I am still a great fan of the Trice machines. The kids are now at sizes that mean I can now adjust our X2 so it is the right length for Jane on the back. So hopefully we will be able to ride it together (although towing the trets) quite a bit this summer.
    Tonight I did a quick blast around Crawley, about 17 miles on my XXL, still a fantastic trike.
    The Kettwiesel was also out today, our middle son will be using that as his main bike this summer (grown out of his MTB and the KMX).
    Glad you like your KMX (X), they have been a great extra choice to have available in the market.

  10. Lee

    Just wondering, what kind of speeds can you do on your XXL? I am thinking about getting the cheaper version of the XXL (ICE S) to replace my KMX.
    I did an 80 mile ride a few days ago which was mostly flat with a few hills (one 150m climb in each direction) and my comp said my avarage speed was 14.4mph. Could I expect more from the ICE S?
    My fastest avarage speed on the KMX on a 10-mile flat D/C road is about 18mph (22mph on my upright for same circuit).

  11. DaveW

    Obviously it depends on fitness but see http://42.blogs.warnock.me.uk/2003/09/i_did_it.html where I did 1.4 and then 13.6 ave on a 51 mile ride (including crossing North Downs and some hilly bits south of Sevenoaks. That was with 2 big panniers full.
    From what you say I think you are faster and fitter than me (my longest is about 65 miles) so I would expect you to be faster than me on an xxl and therefore faster than your kmx.
    IMHO the only -ve’s of the ICE S instead of the XXL are drum brakes and the seat being the euro standard rather than the ICE own (which I marginally prefer), but the price diff is huge.
    On our recent Company of Cyclists there was an adult KMX to try, several tried that and also my XXL, all preferred the XXL and said it felt much faster.
    Hope this helps.

  12. Gunnar Larsen

    Hi! Nice site you got here, and very helpful too.
    I am about to buy my first trike. You have a XXL. I’ve thougt of a Trice S, but are a bit concerned about neck pain due to the reclined seat. Do you have any experience of this with you XXL?

  13. DaveW

    Both the XXL and Trice S have (optional) neck rests shown quite clearly in this photo: http://www.ice.hpv.co.uk/images/trikes/s/images/s_b.jpg
    I have never found I get neck ache. I have found that my helmet strap rubs under my chin a bit (but I don’t wear a helmet all the time on a trike) due to the angle. I have the seat nearly fully reclined.
    I find I don’t use the neck rest much when moving (except when knackered on steep hills), but it is good for going to sleep when stopped at traffic lights .
    You do need to get the seat adjusted with foam pads (supplied) so that your back is comfortable. It would be best if you were able to try the seat, there are a few people who it does not feel nice.
    Hope this helps.

  14. lee

    I got an ICE S about 4 months ago and it is great. I find I don’t use the head rest a lot although it is nice to have for climbing steep hills or just relaxing when stopped. I currenly have the seat at about 28 degrees. I did have it at its lowest setting of 25 degrees but I raised it when I fitted my full fairing so I could comfortly see over the fairing.
    I seem to be avaraging about 16-18Mph (with fairing), I did a 62 miler last week at 16.0Mph and two 35 milers this week, one at 18.2Mph ave and an easier ride at 16.5Mph.
    I have added a few bits of foam to my seat and it is quite comfortable now.
    I find the fairing very good in these low temps we have been having recently, it only weighs about 3lbs but does not half keep you warm.

  15. Donald Munro

    I live in Plymouth and have had an ICE S since September 2005. I bought it with my redundancy money after my job burnt down in July. I’ve had no pains or sore butt assoccaited with an upright since I got it. The laid back seat position with the head rest hasn’t given me any problems. The one problem I do get is my toes go a bit numb after a while. I’ve only riden my mountain bike twice since I got my ICE S and that was to acompany someone else trying out my trike. I’ve had a max speed of 40mph down hill and I think I average about 12mph but it is up and down here quite a bit. I pull a Radical trailor with it and I carry alsorts in it.
    My brother has an ICE QNT and even after 8 months of riding them the people of Plymouth are still amazed by them.
    Cheers Donald

  16. DaveW

    Donald, for the numb toes try
    a) Moving the cleat on your shoe as far towards the heal as you can
    b) loosening the laces a little
    It will reduce anyway over time. I only get it when riding for a long time on very bad surfaces or if wearing socks that are too thick for the shoes.
    My solo trike average is not very different overall when doing mostly suburban riding. It goes up when the average trip distance rises and when out of towns.

  17. joeford

    I am thinking of getting a recumbent trike and was wondering if its worth while getting a kmx kart (adult size) as they are much cheaper than the rest, to see if I get on with them.

  18. joerford

    hello me again
    sorry I probably should have mentioned I’m on the large side at 6ft 3ins
    hope to hear soon
    Joe Ford

  19. DaveW

    If at all possible try it for fit. Buying without test riding is more of an issue at this very budget end of the price range.
    I tried an early adult KMX-X class and it was ok for a first trike. Rather like my Road Shark it is probably a good introduction but if you catch the bug there is a good chance you will want to upgrade.
    I do not know about fit. There is length adjustment, I don’t know if it will be enough or if the seat will fit (hopefully both will be fine).
    For practical experience see the comments from Lee (above).

  20. SImonD

    Nice page, lots of useful info. Just bought a kmx x class (should arrive tomorrow) and I’m thinking about the accessories. Apart from the obvious big lock so it doesn’t disappear, looks like I’ll need pannier rack and bags as obviously can’t use my normal day pack on a recumbent! KMX offer a rack, wondered if that was the best bet or if another rack might fit? also what sort of bags are best for your day rider / occassional tourer?

  21. Dave Warnock

    You might find some of the radical bags fit without a rack, although they need it for the larger sizes.
    Many recumbents need special fittings for the rack. Obviously buying the rack for the trike is the easy solution but you may well be able to hack something together. Not sure what the KMX mountings are like.
    I find that on some recumbents rack top bags get in the way of your head. On others they are fine, just depends on seat angle etc.
    Rob at West Country recumbents used to have some great Carradice panniers. Square with pockets front and back (no problem with heel clearance).


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