Which group endangers pedestrians the most…

Which group endangers pedestrians the most…

"Cyclists or drivers? If you believe the tabloid press, it’s often
the former. But the statistics tell a different tale. According to figures released this week
there have been 364,082 pedestrians injured by drivers over the last
ten years, compared with 2,623 injured by cyclists. The same data shows
that, as a pedestrian, you are 263 times more likely to be killed by a
driver than a cyclist
– this despite the fact that cyclists and
pedestrians often share the same space and much of motor vehicle
mileage is made on motorways, where pedestrians are prohibited."

From the CTC Newsnet (members only), my emphasis.

3 thoughts on “Which group endangers pedestrians the most…

  1. PamBG

    I never would have thought that pedestrians were more likely to be killed by a cyclist.
    If I dare to say so, my bugbear about cyclists is I feel that, when I’m driving, I must approach with caution and assume that they will behave unpredictably and possibly ‘unlawfully’. Cyclists seem to choose to behave either like vehicles or pedestrians, as it suits them. Not to mention the number of people around here who cycle at night wearing black and with no reflective gear.
    My question would be ‘Is a person more likely to get killed as a cyclist or as a pedestrian’? I genuinely don’t know the answer.
    *dons tin hat*

  2. Peter Kirk

    The problem is that on almost every urban road drivers have their own space, and pedestrians have their own space, but there is only occasionally a space reserved for cyclists. So the cyclists have the choice of endangering themselves in the drivers’ space or invading the pedestrians’ space. That is, Pam, they have no choice other than “to behave either like vehicles or pedestrians, as it suits them”.
    How may cyclists were injured by drivers? That might put a different perspective on how many pedestrians were injured by cyclists.

  3. Dave Warnock

    I agree no sane person would argue anything other than cars kill more pedestrians than cyclists. However, the press frequently likes to ignore facts in their attacks on cyclists.
    I have to say that as a cyclist I want you to feel you need to approach with caution. You are after all driving something that can easily kill me.
    I agree that cyclists breaking laws are unhelpful to our image. Of course we are unlike drivers who are likely to kill someone when they break the law.
    Also note that traffic systems are focused on cars in this country, traffic lights don’t always get triggered by bikes and sometimes stupid cycle facilities are downright dangerous.
    I don’t know the answer to your question. Lots of variables (eg deaths per trip, per mile or per hour of transport might give different answers).
    What I do know is that a lot needs to change and fast in this country to encourage cycling, walking and public transport if we are going to reduce our carbon footprint and make our towns and cities more pleasant to live in (oh as well as increasing our life expectancy).
    I do now this “fact”. Cyclists on average live longer than non cyclists. The benefits of exercise increase the average life span more than the risks caused by those cars.
    As a cyclist I do have my own space. I am there by right. It is the road. The problem is that car drivers do not believe it. Still I agree that our cycling facilities are terrible and that makes it less attractive to cycle.


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